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Amazon Trails Peru

Amazon Trails Perú (ATP) is a specialized eco-adventure tour company based in Cusco, Perú that has strong ties to the indigenous communities of Manú. The Manú Biosphere Reserve encompasses Manú National Park and is now a designated World Heritage Site protected by the Peruvian government. The owner of ATP, Abraham Huamán has 24+ years working in the Manú area and knows the Matsigenka well. The indigenous tribe is developing and promoting an eco-lodge that adheres to the principles of sustainable geotourism.

Abraham’s partner, Ulla Maennig in Cusco is also very active in efforts to promote sustainable tourism throughout the region. ATP offers many customized trips designed to explore the fascinating wildlife of the Manú Biosphere Reserve in the southern Perúvian Amazon, which can include a visit to the Matsigenka Lodge on the upper Rio Manú. Accompanied by Abraham and their skilled team of boat handlers, cooks and guides, the Alegría team was introduced to the Matsigenkas in the summer of 2008. www.amazontrailsperu.com