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Our Mission

Our mission as Earth-kind stewards is to stimulate a heightened sense of responsibility to respect Nature’s balance by putting environment first. Through hands-on experience and sharing knowledge and education, we will assist the indigenous people in the Manú Biosphere Reserve to discover ways to preserve and protect the natural environment and their traditional way of life.

Adhering to the principles of sustainable geotourism, we will identify solutions that will help us better understand, mitigate, and adapt to the effects of global warming and our changing climate by utilizing new technologies and providing practical information on how to become better protectors of the natural environment.


We believe in a business model that benefits the local human community and at all times respects all forms of life in their natural balance. The first step in our plan is to assess the effects that increased tourism will have upon the local environment at the Matsigenka Lodge. If further tourism development is determined to be positive for the environment, then the next step is to promote lodge visitation by increasing awareness of the unique opportunity to become a participant in a truly sustainable, indigenous-operated Amazon eco-lodge. As stakeholders, we invite our clients to join us on a remarkable journey of discovery, celebration and legacy, not as consumers, but as caretakers.